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Hydro 2 Oil Muscle & Joint Massage Oil 10L

Hydro 2 Oil Muscle & Joint Massage Oil 10L

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Hydro 2 Oil Muscle & Joint massage oil 10 litre pack is the perfect bulk sports club size. The Oil is a deeply penetrating blend of wintergreen, eucalyptus, pine, rosemary and pepper essential oils to help relieve inflamed joints, stiffness and muscle pain. 

Massage into sore, tight muscles to supercharge circulation and reduce pain and inflammation. This water dispersible massage oil is ideal for sports massage, athletes or anyone experiencing aching muscles and joints. 

  •     100% water dispersible
  •     leaves skin moisturised
  •     cleans easily from towels

Hydro 2 Oil Muscle & Joint scented massage oil & body oil is also available in 5L

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