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Reva iGlide Strawberry Massage Cream 375g

Reva iGlide Strawberry Massage Cream 375g

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R 085
The Reva iGlide Strawberry Massage Cream 375g is perfect for a relaxing massage with the sweet smell of strawberries and it provides a soothing application with NO added mineral oils

Reva massage creams are created from a range of natural oils to form a semi firm beeswax fusion - when applied to the skin surface, our exclusive creams soften and dissolve to the consistently of a traditional massage oil.

With added Vitamin E and Jojoba across our entire range, Reva massage creams leave your skin feeling radiant and refreshed and don't spill like traditional oils. Whether you're smooth or have surface hair, the "gliding" qualities of our creams from a small application remain consistent and effective.

Reva focus on high quality, hand-made beauty products and their range of products are developed, manufactured and distributed with sustainability and environmental responsibility in mind.

Made in Melbourne Victoria and available at Massage Oil Warehouse for delivery Australia wide

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