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Reva iGlide Sports Massage Oil - 5 litre

Reva iGlide Sports Massage Oil - 5 litre

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The Reva iGlide sports massage oil 5 litre bulk refill pack contains the aromatic and therapeutic qualities of wintergreen combined with the anti-inflammatory and analgesic elements of eucalyptus oil.

Hand made in Melbourne, these oils will help your clients escape to a place of relaxation and tranquillity with Reva iGlide sports massage oil, with added vitamin e and soy, perfect for use before or after sports massage

Contents: oil seeds, soy, rice bran extract, grape seed, vitamin e, jojoba, eucalyptus, wintergreen & emulsifier. Contains no mineral oil

Application: massage a small amount of Massage oil onto the skin using fingers, palms and the whole hand. This creates a gliding action and with added vitamin e and jojoba across the entire range, reva massage oils leave your skin feeling radiant and refreshed.

Whether you're smooth skinned or have surface hair the "gliding" qualities of a small application remain consistent and effective.

Reva iGlide massage oils are easily removed by using water and are available for Australia wide delivery from Massage Oil Warehouse

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